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Car Retailing
Stuart Copeland

How ‘Online’ Becomes ‘Ecommerce’

There have been loads of articles in the automotive media about online car sales and lots of views and some conflicting opinions. In this article, we wanted to provide a hypothetical case study where cars are sold through the omnichannel direct sales model.

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Kerry Thompson

Brick v Clicks

What’s better; bricks or clicks? What I mean by bricks or clicks, is, of course, ‘traditional’ shops, or online options

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project leadership
Simon Knocker

To Hire or Not to Hire?

Getting an external experienced and skilled Project Manager on board always triggers debate within organisations – to hire or not to hire?

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Steve Bellew

When Ecommerce Isn’t Ecommerce

Tesla isn’t the only manufacturer in the UK that claims to offer online sales – indeed several have had their own ‘ecommerce’ solutions live in the UK for quite some time.

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