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Step 4: Change

Making the vision a reality; the transition from your current operating model to the new model requires close management.

Making it happen

What We Do

  • With all the preparation complete the time will come to make the transition; the transition may be ‘short and sharp’, or may be a slow transition over time.
  • Either way, it will need close management with strong engagement of your stakeholders and business operations.  We will help you manage this change as seamlessly as possible, understanding how and when your teams will be affected and working with them to deliver the cultural adjustment needed.
  • We will provide the project leadership through this process, keeping all involved honest and focused on what needs to be done.
  • We have a wealth of experience in such transitions, and this will ensure you are supported through the journey. 
  • This phase will require careful management to protect and deliver the sales requirements, and manage the retailer relationship through the transition.

What You Get

  • A successful transition to a true omni-channel business model.
  • A managed change with an understanding of how and when your teams will be affected, and working with them to deliver the cultural adjustment required.

What We've Done

Audi Fleet Agency
Stuart Copeland

Audi UK Agency Fleet Model

In 2017 thebigteam were engaged to provide Programme Management resource to support Audi UK’s transition from a traditional Automotive OEM Fleet Business Model to an Agency Model.

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