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Customer Service Centre Digital Transformation – VWG UK

Customer Service Centre Digital Transformation VGW UK


Working in conjunction with their customer service centre agency resource partner, Volkswagen Group UK embarked on an initiative to ‘digitise’ the customer service centre. The main goal was to create efficiency by reducing duplicated processes and improving outcomes for customers by enhancing the resources available to customer service agents, meaning response times would be reduced and quality would be greatly increased.

What exactly did we do?

Our role was business programme manager for Volkswagen Group. We had to establish the governance programme, manage senior stakeholders across Volkswagen UK, the chosen system supplier and the customer service agency partner. Ultimately the task was to get the system implemented on time and to budget and to realise the business benefits that formed the business case.

How did we do it?

Working for Volkswagen Group’s Head of Customer Service, our involvement began right at the beginning of the project with the production of a compelling business case to carry out the change. Once this had been approved by the board, we led the supplier selection process (along with the Head of Customer Service).

Once a supplier had been chosen, we very quickly embarked on a cultural transformation exercise in the customer service centre. Recognising that a successful deployment of the system was only a part of the challenge, we formed a plan to engage and involve key members of staff in the CSC (customer service centre) in the design of the system, the processes behind the system and then the training to their colleagues.

In doing so, many of these individuals became huge advocates of the system and actively volunteered to train their colleagues with genuine enthusiasm that proved crucial in the implementation.

With customer service being of such huge importance to Volkswagen Group, we also were responsible for the delivery of the following elements of the project.

  • Business analysis of all VWG UK brand requirements
  • Architecture for the system and it’s connection to Volkswagen legacy systems and customer databases
  • Communication to brands and retailer partners
  • Launch events and schedule in the customer service centre
  • Supplier management including PO management, exceptions management and sign off of designs

in order to deliver the project, we ran a project team made up of representatives from across VWG UK and the system and agency suppliers. The project was purely designed to get the system built and implemented on time and to budget and most importantly, without any interruption to the service we were able to provide to our customers.


The system went live on time and on budget. A phased implementation across Volkswagen Group’s brands allowed us to deliver incremental improvements and enhancements with each release. All 450 members of the customer service centre now use this system successfully.