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Step 5: Embed

Operating in the new world requires a significant change in mindset and skills. These will take time to embed.


What We Do

  • The transition is just the start. A review of the new world’s roles and responsibilities matrix will highlight how different this world will be for the business.
  • The new found accountabilities will demand bedding in and continual evolution.
  • The business will now own driving sales through the e-commerce platform; a skill akin to a financial trader working the markets, where the market data has to be continually monitored and reviewed against the desired business goals, and real-time ongoing adjustments/interventions are continually required to actively manage the sales pipeline and deliver the business objectives.
  • The manufacturer will take true accountability and ownership for its own sales, its own profit and loss.
  • We understand manufacturer internal business processes and have the e-commerce operational experience to provide support to the organisation through this key phase.
  • Our team will provide coaching, support and reviews to the business to help refine capabilities in the early stages of operation.

What You Get

  • We can also support the lessons learned process to ensure that the knowledge and learning from the transition are captured, and where appropriate actioned, for the future.
  • Continual operational learning and improved organisation performance and capability.

What We've Done