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Flashing Lights of Learning

Flashing Light

People talk about the sharing of great practice but our recent assignment has shown what people really love is hearing, or watching, their peers share what they have done. Being able to take away the learnings that are really meaningful to them. Learnings of how things were done, why they were done and what the outcomes were.

Hearing things from a peer give them so much more credibility. The story is authentic, it is real. For the audience, the people talking about them are just the same as them, they have the similar challenges, experiences, resources and capabilities.

In the Autumn of 2019, we were asked to capture best practices and share them.

It was clear from the outset that the practices were not going to be ‘best’ practices but ‘great’ practices … as only the audience could decide on what they should take away, adapt and use. There is no best practice, after all, there are many ways to get to the outcome and something that works in Rotherham in the UK may not work in Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

We spent four months travelling around the UK, the US and Dubai capturing ‘great’ practices and creating over 65 video clips where people talk about the great things they do to deliver great customer service, work more efficiently, make life better for their teams and make more money.

Our output created a suite of ‘blog’ style videos around a host of topics with different people talking about their experiences. We accompanied the videos with an electronic lessons learned document and helpful implementation templates.

As we moved from retailer to retailer, we also picked up on new ways of doing things and more packages were created. What was probably most inspiring thing was that people at the sites we visited seized on the learning from our previous visits … so the ideas were out of the box and ‘peer to peer’ sharing was happening before our very eyes, even before we published the output.

One such example was the now ‘infamous’ yellow flashing light, placed in customer vehicles to show a customer is waiting; Amazon sales of product line ‘B0779MK3G8’ must have increased over the last few months.