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Step 2: Plan

In partnership with you, we will build a plan for the change.

Planning the Change

What We Do

  • Planning is one of our key strengths … we are skilled at developing realistic, detailed, flexible and deliverable plans, that define accountability and the timeline, whilst identifying the risks, issues, dependencies and assumptions that will need to be managed on the journey.
  • This planning will be completed through a series of dynamic planning workshops and meetings.
  • We prefer to keep things simple and use tools that all can access and use.
  • It is important to remember this is not purely an e-commerce or IT project but a transformation that involves the creation of a true omni-channel business proposition – the plans need to reflect this.
  • The plans must also carefully consider the transition from today’s franchise world to the new world, the relationship between the retailer and the manufacturer, sustaining sales through the transition and the protection of the brand.
  • We are all passionate about making things happen and have an impeccable track record of delivering really difficult, challenging and ‘industry first’ initiatives for our clients. It is no secret that great planning delivers great results; and we do great planning.
  • Pace is important, so our approach is ‘agile’. Whatever the approach, it is always important to have a clear vision of what we are trying to do, and we work with the business to help them achieve this.

What You Get

  • Whatever direction you decide to go in we will always provide challenge and honesty based on our experience and expertise.
  • You may choose to take our plans and execute them yourself and we are happy to create plans that facilitate this.
  • Of course, we would also love to go on the journey with you and realise the vision.
  • A big picture that defines the vision; a clear plan for delivery built on ‘agile’ principles.

What We've Done