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Buying car online

How Ready Are You?

Try our simple Readiness Check to see how ready you are for direct selling. 

Answer these questions and total up your score to assess your readiness.

  • No plans = 0
  • Currently a strategy objective but we don’t know how to get there or we haven’t started the project = 5
  • Yes, and we have a project up and running that will fully deliver the objective = 10
  • No, we have not aligned on this subject with our parent company = 0
  • Our parent company are aware of our ambition but full agreement has yet to be secured = 5
  • We have full autonomy to proceed as we decide to = 10
  • No = 0
  • This is a work in progress = 5
  • Robust business case with cost estimates and a sales / margin volume we are confident delivering = 10
  • We do not have an e-commerce strategy for our business = 0
  • We have a plan for our immediate priorities but not optimised for our longer term objectives = 5
  • We have a robust plan, fully understood within the business and being deployed, or is live now = 10
  • We have not yet fully understood the resource required to deliver and then run e-commerce = 0
  • We have an experienced digital team who will be up-skilled in e-commerce = 5
  • Yes, we have an existing, experienced e-commerce team in operation =10
  • No, we don’t sell anything online currently = 0
  • Yes, but it may not be a fully scalable solution = 5
  • Yes and it will allow us to deliver omni-channel sales and add additional products and services = 10
  • No = 0
  • We have an Agency Model for our Fleet sales = 5
  • We have an Agency Model for Fleet and Retail = 10
  • No, why would this be an issue? = 0
  • Yes, but not fully = 5
  • Yes, we have done a complete review and understand all obligations to deliver direct sales =10
  • No = 0
  • We have some idea of who we would use but this has not been confirmed = 3
  • Yes, we have partners that can support, we have terms of reference, but no contractual agreement = 5
  • Yes, we have contracts in place which have clear deliverables and service levels for all suppliers = 10
  • No = 0
  • We are in the process of considering options for part exchange disposal = 5
  • Yes, we have a contractual agreement in place with a supplier who can meet all of our requirements = 10
  • No = 0
  • No, but this is our ambition and we are in the process of designing this service with our partners = 3
  • Yes, and we are in the final stages of designing the service = 5
  • Yes = 10
  • We will not be offering part exchange as part of our solution = n/a
  • No = 0
  • We know organisational change is needed but we’re not totally clear as to what extent = 3
  • We are in the process of completing organisational design work to deliver the service = 5
  • Yes, this has been completed = 10

How Did You Do?

0 to 40

You are at the very beginning of an exciting journey. The risk is that you fall behind your competitors.

41 to 80

You are well on your way but have some way to go. You may have partial models for direct sales and, maybe, an indirect retail digital offer.

81 to 120

You are well down the track with direct sales and digital solutions. The final stage is direct sales across all channels and all vehicle variants.

Following on from our readiness checker, we have a ‘five-step’ support process to help you create or validate your direct sales omni-channel business.