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What We Do

Two Ways We Can Help

There are two ways we help.

  • Firstly, we can provided bespoke interventions to help you understand where you are on the journey.
  • Secondly, we can help with the full end to end.

Our Tailored Interventions

Insight Workshop

The journey to Omnichannel Direct Sales is complex. Let us tailor an Insight Workshop to help you understand where you are and prioritise your next steps.

Market Ecommerce Review

We understand how critical the digital customer journey is. Let us track your process against other top brands. How many clicks to buy on your site?

Ecommerce Operation Set Up

You have a functioning ecommerce platform but sales are off target. How do you trade? Push or pull? Dynamic pricing? We can help.

Critical Friend

Your Omnichannel Direct Sales programme is underway. But do you have the full suite of skills and attributes in house? We can help guide you.

Our 5 Step Support Process

Our ‘five-step’ support process to help you create your direct sales omni-channel business. Firstly you may wish to try our simple readiness check to see how ready you are for direct selling. 

1. Scope

Before starting any engagement, we believe it is important to scope out what you are trying to achieve; where you are today, what is your desired outcome and what is your business case for the change. We must also understand both your organisation and its capabilities.

2. Plan

We are passionate about making things happen, and have an impeccable record of delivering really difficult, challenging, and ‘industry first’ initiatives. It is no secret that great planning delivers great results, and we do great planning. We will partner with you to deliver detailed, realistic and agile plans that will make it happen.

3. Prepare

Developing the capability for an omni-channel proposition is complex and challenging. There are so many facets to establishing omni-channel capability, not just e-commerce. They include significant elements such as the transition for the retail network from franchisee to agent, the management of used cars, contracts of sale and business process changes, all whilst continuing to manage day to day operations. There are so many accountability changes within the key processes that make up the contractual responsibilities, marketing, sales, finance, sales and aftersales processes. We understand the breadth and depth of these changes and through our experience we will ensure you have the capability and are prepared for the transition to omni-channel retailing.

4. Change

Having both a great plan and the capability will not on its own make it happen; you will physically need to make it happen, this is one of the key challenges. Working in partnership with your team we will facilitate this change. Delivering change is in our DNA, and we have unparalleled track record of working closely with our clients to deliver award winning and industry first initiatives, on time and to budget.

5. Embed

Once live, a true omni-channel proposition is just the start of the journey. Your organisation will be operating in a different space, delivering different services to your customers and this will take time to embed. There will be learning to capture and action, the e-commerce team will both actively and reactively be driving sales. We will support your team as you bed in the changes to ensure that you continually move towards optimisation.